Why Kid Activities Books Are So Important For Their Learning?

kid activities books

Activity books are a favourite pass time and mental exercise for millions of people of all ages. They cultivate attention to detail and improve cognitive functions by encouraging your brain to stay active. The solving process is different every single time. Keeping both children and adults hooked to the same puzzle over and over again. Puzzles are some of the most common activities included in kid activities books because they challenge their thinking and exercise their minds.

Some parents offer kids activity packs to their children to keep them busy and entertained, while others do it to promote their intellectual development. Either way activities books come with multiple learning benefits for children:

  • Improving cognitive skills

Kid activities books are an effective way of helping with colour, shape, number, and letter recognition. Children can learn all kinds of essential skills, such as word formation, basic addition and subtraction, and how to obtain various colours by combining different hues.

  • Emotional skills

Children experience stress just like adults, but for them it can be more difficult to find an outlet for their frustration and other negative feelings. Activities books help a stressed child to concentrate on something else and work through their emotions as they complete the puzzle.

  • Problem solving

Children need to acquire problem solving skills in order to thrive in any setting. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is through activities books that help them develop these types of skills.

  • Fine motor development

Solving puzzles within kids’ activity packs requires a great deal of fine motor skills. Children are not born with such skills but they develop gradually as they get older. A simple action such as holding a crayon and focusing their movements requires the use of dozens of muscles located in the fingers, hands, and wrists. Developing fine motor skills early helps with small object manipulation, typing and offers a greater propensity for athletics.

  • Hand and eye coordination

Colouring in helps with improving hand and eye coordination – for instance, kids need to learn to colour within the lines instead of scribbling without control. At the same time, the child will need to think about the colour they will apply to certain elements of the page, imagine how the page will look once complete, and adjust their hand movements based on what they see. Solving puzzles also requires good control of hand movements and coordination with your eyes.

  • Self esteem

Solving activities books improves a child’s self-esteem due to the sense of personal accomplishment they feel when they complete an activity. Seeing they are able to achieve something instils a sense of confidence in kids and encourages them to take on other challenges at home and in school. When you believe you are capable, you are more likely to succeed.

  • Learning through fun

Kids may avoid schoolwork because it can be boring but they will always appreciate bright and engaging kids’ activity packs. When they complete fun activities, children learn without even realising it and can improve their skills without feeling any pressure. They are having so much fun colouring in and solving the puzzles that they will never again see learning as a boring activity and will do it more efficiently.

  • Improving concentration

Sitting still and concentrating is hard for young children, but this is an ability which develops in time if we cultivate it carefully. However, children should not be forced to concentrate but instead offered engaging activities that they will naturally find easy to focus on. Kid activities books contain tasks that are simple but entertaining and challenging enough to keep kids absorbed and concentrated for a period of time.

  • Teaching a variety of skills

You can find almost any subject you want to teach your child in multiple activity book formats, such as math, reading, art, social skills, science, and more.

  • Preparing kids for school

Even if technology is widely used nowadays, much of a child’s education is done on paper – in-class assignments are completed on paper, they receive homework assignments on paper, and use paper to complete various projects. Completing activities books is an introduction to what children will eventually experience in the classroom. Getting used to paper activities, completing puzzles and problems makes it easier for children to learn cursive – as colouring and other activities improves a child’s dexterity and makes dextrous skills like handwriting easier to pick up.

  • Experimenting with structure and spatial awareness

Colouring and puzzles teach simple rules such as staying within the lines of the drawing, recognising and matching patterns, respecting boundaries, etc. All these rules are vital for artistic activities, as even the most creative artists need to have a thorough understanding of these rules in order to be able to create something valuable.

Aside from learning, kids’ activity packs also offer other advantages such as:

  • Providing screen free activities

Whether you are at home or on the go, there are moments when you need to keep your kids still and calm. Many parents allow screen time at these moments to control the situation, but this should only be used as the last resort and just occasionally. Looking at screens for long periods of time has been linked to loss of social skills, violence, irregular sleeping schedules, the inability to concentrate on tasks, and behaviour issues. It is recommended that kids younger than 2 should not watch TV or other screens at all, while children between 2 and 5 can watch a maximum of one hour of quality programmes. So, there is a lot of time to fill but luckily parents can use the simple yet effective solution of quality kids’ activities books.

  • Ensuring quality time with kids

We are so caught up by stimuli in this fast-paced digital world that we sometimes forget to give time to our family. If you need a way to become more engaged with your children, activities such as colouring or shape recognition in kids’ books can be a great way to enjoy a wonderful bonding experience.

  • Easy traveling

Traveling with children can be quite a challenge because they get easily bored and can become very noisy or have a meltdown right as you are driving on a busy highway. Activities books can be placed in the backseat, in a suitcase or beach bag without needing the parent to be involved at all times and without requiring Wi-Fi or charged batteries.

  • Affordable entertainment

You can let your kids experiment with colours and shapes on these books as they are generally inexpensive and there is no financial downside to allowing your children to explore their creativity page after page.

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