Busy Nippers Activity Packs – Keep Your Kids Busy At Home

Activities that keep little ones stimulated and focused are a necessity, especially in the current climate where we are spending more time at home and indoors. As a parent we have all heard numerous times throughout the day “Can I play on the iPad for a little while”. An increasing body of evidence shows that offering screen time to kids too often is harmful for children both in the short and long term. This has left many parents looking for alternative ideas to keep their children entertained at home and off those pesky devices.

So, what do you do when you are a parent in need of a little bit of piece and quiet while also providing a productive activity for your child? The Busy Nippers Activity Packs can make the difference between an exhausting day or a day full of creativity, learning and fun! Originally sold to Australian businesses, Busy Nippers fun engaging activity packs are now available for purchase at home!

About Busy Nippers

Busy Nippers have been servicing the hospitality, travel, and hotel industries amongst others for 10 years, providing fun and engaging activity packs to entertain kids for over an hour. After the huge commercial success of the Busy Nippers Activity Packs, a range of activity packs and bags are now available at home for every parent in Australia and beyond. These jam-packed activity packs are the largest and most attractive in Australia and the range of products is constantly expanding and renewing, including activity boxes, pads, bags, pillows, pencil cases, munch boxes, character combat collector cards, display folders, themed cups and more.

What Makes Our Activity Packs So Great

The Busy Nippers Activity Packs are not only great for occupying kids but also provide benefits such as:

  • Ensuring screen-free activity time

Controlling a child’s screen time can be challenging. Until the age of 2, screen time is not recommended, and only one hour of quality programmes is suggested for kids between 2 to 5 years of age. Too much or poor quality screen time has been linked to obesity, irregular sleep schedules, loss of social skills, behavioural problems, violence, and a deficit of play. If you are looking to reduce your kid’s screen time you will need to replace it with an activity that is both educational and entertaining, such as the Busy Nippers Activity Packs.

  • Aiding child’s development

Children learn through play and creative activities support your child’s intellectual and cognitive development. They come with benefits such as developing their imagination, improving concentration, encouraging critical thinking, and teaching problem-solving skills. Activities can also help kids manage their emotions, develop their fine motor skills, and improve your child’s well-being. When you also get involved with creative activities, you create a wonderful shared bonding experience and teach your child new skills without any pressure.

  • Providing entertainment to children

Activity packs are great for not only entertaining kids at home but also when you are on road trips, holidays, visiting friends/family, for their overnight bag and any other situation when kids can get restless and need an interesting and engaging activity. As a parent you can take the opportunity to relax with a coffee or get some work done while the kids are enjoying Busy Nippers activity packs. You will undoubtedly love these packs for providing you with the quiet time you’ve been lacking!

  • Learning through play

Play is an extremely successful method for teaching your child anything; multiple research studies have shown the importance of play in child development. Activities that are focused around play have numerous benefits such as stimulating early brain development, improving intelligence, encouraging creative thinking, improving communication and language skills, promoting impulse control and emotion regulation, developing problem solving skills, and strengthening relationships with caretakers and peers.

  • Providing an entertaining activity during isolation

With an ongoing threat of lockdown, parents could be at home again with their children 24/7 and they are looking to be better prepared this time. Offering screen time to entertain kids is tempting, but everyone knows this is just a short-term solution that should not be used too frequently. Busy Nippers Activity Packs come to the rescue for families in isolation, providing engaging, entertaining and educational activities to keep their children occupied every day.

  • Recommended by other parents

Be A Fun Mum Rebecca Senyard is one of a number of parents who have used and reviewed our product and she revealed that the Busy Nippers Activity Packs made it easier for her to keep her children busy and entertained during lockdown. During this period, many parents found it increasingly hard to limit their children’s screen time, and Rebecca found these activity packs very useful because:

  • They provide activities that don’t require the parent to be involved at every stage;
  • The packs come in a range of different themes to suit various interests;
  • Some of the topics included within these activities can extend school learning;
  • Delivery is included in the price of the packs;
  • Packs are suitable for multiple ages;
  • You do not needs to source materials, handle the preparation, and clean up the mess like you would have to do with alternative crafts;
  • You are supporting a local Brisbane business which has been impacted by the effects of Covid-19 like many other local businesses.

Why Busy Nippers Activity Packs?

Busy Nippers Activity Packs

All our Busy Nippers Activity Packs have the following features and include:

  • Suitable for kids aged 3-10 years
  • Mixed pack varieties – boys, girls and unisex designs available across the entire range
  • Themed drawing and puzzle sheets
  • Colourful stickers and an easy peel off sticker scene
  • Character Combat Collectible Cards in each pack
  • Colourful Pop out Finger Puppets
  • Delivery is included – straight to your doorstep
  • 100% safe, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly products

The Busy Nippers Activity Packs could be that screen-free solution for you too. Keep your children busy and entertained at any time while also contributing to their mental and intellectual development. Contact us by phone at 07 5561 7072 or check out our Busy Nippers Home website to order your fun-filled activity packs and keep your kids happy and entertained for hours at home or on the go!

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