Setting up a successful children’s play area inside a business

Setting up a successful children’s play area inside a business

As much as we love to see our children tearing around outside, playing cops and robbers or hide and seek, sometimes playing outside isn’t always an option. Inclement weather or the season’s sometimes mean that kids have to come indoors well before their energy has waned. This is when an indoor play area is the ideal solution to little ones still buzzing with energy!

Indoor play areas at home can include games that are easy to play inside the house, such as chess, table tennis, board games, and others. At home too, kids can get a little messy, because a bath is close by! So set them up with activities like painting, making play dough and crafting with coloured paper. It’s amazing the creations a child’s brain can come up with!

However, for businesses, a play area has to be a little more thought out than in a home. While being a giant draw card for families, you have to take into consideration the other diners and ensuring that it doesn’t impact their dining experience. This is where a product like Busy Nipper Bags are perfect.

To set it up, select a fairly contained area of your establishment, set up a childproof table with colouring in supplies, maybe some coloured paper and an array of Busy Nipper products, and let children know that is an area especially for them. We’d almost guarantee in no time the kids will all be in there making friends, the parents will be enjoying a relaxing meal, and your restaurant will be the one of choice next time they’re deciding where to go for dinner!

Advantages of indoor play areas

  • Entertaining the kids when they don’t have the option to be outside – set up their play area somewhere easily visible so you can watch on, or join in with them if you feel like it!
  • The mess that may be made (lets be honest – no kid is completely tidy!) is contained to their area of the house. You can also use this to teach them responsibility, let them know this is their area to keep clean!
  • A children’s play area means the kids are contained to a safe and enjoyable area, while mum and dad, and other diners can enjoy a relaxing dinner.

Setting up your indoor play area

Setting up an indoor play area need not be a costly exercise, you know what kids are like, they will make fun out of anything! Below is our suggestion of easy, fun equipment required for setting up an ideal kids play area within a business.

Busy Nippers bags are crammed with activities perfect for a indoor play area. As a business, you can purchase them from Busy Nippers. As a parent or carer, ask for them by name at your local businesses.

Busy Nippers stocks an ever-changing range of kid’s activity bags. Shop now or for more information about kids activity bags please feel free to contact Busy Nippers today.

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