Ideas for businesses entertaining kids

Busy Nippers was born out of this need to find a convenient and easy way for kids to stay entertained when in a social setting. Not only did we see parents frustrated while out to dinner with their children, we were those parents! So we set about thinking of the best ways Busy Nippers could be incorporated into a restaurant or café setting.

Almost any restaurant, café, bistro or any other business that has children as clients needs to consider how to go about entertaining kids. A combination of the below tips and tricks will ensure even the fussiest of patrons are kept happy!

  • Busy Nipper Bags are a low cost way of entertaining the little ones; they take the hard work out of keeping the little ones entertained for everyone. With an array of puzzles, colouring in pages and stickers, everyone will be kept happy! (And the kids will be super excited they get to take their bag home with them!)
  • Providing crayons or pencils and a white paper tablecloth is also a great idea, once the kids have finished their activity bags they can simply continue on larger scale!
  • Colouring-in placemats are another cost-effective option when it comes to entertaining kids. Entertaining kids is easy with these colourful mats.
  • A designated play equipment area is a good way of entertaining the kids, and a great tool to attract families, as mum and dad can enjoy dinner while the littlies are safe and having fun. Equip the area with an array of Busy Nipper bags, toys, puzzles and some quiet games, and they’ll be entertained for hours! (Just be sure to cover any sharp corners!)

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